Chicago, Illinois, May 12, 2020—Star Incorporated, an event and trade show solutions provider of exhibits, graphics, and event services with over fifty years of proven success in the industry, launched its new virtual exhibit, event, and environment services as part of its business and marketing continuity initiatives.

The virtual agency services—which include custom virtual exhibit design, experiential design, and strategic marketing support and integration—combines the 3-dimensional exhibit environment and the latest online business and marketing communications tools to create an immersive, interactive online experience for the viewer.

Star’s best-in-class team of dimensional designers and strategic marketing specialists work closely with the customer to create a custom exhibit environment based on the customer’s specific design criteria, and integrate with online business and marketing tools that include: email marketing, meeting scheduling and deployment, live and recorded presentations, lead registration, activity tracking, and marketing automation and analytics.

“Our approach is simple.” said Larry Holtz, Partner/Director at Star Incorporated. “Our customers are seeking a creative approach to tell their story and our virtual exhibit experience is an innovative and unique way to do that.” To help promote the launch of this new product, Star will be offering short term & long-term promotions throughout the year.

Marketing integration is a major component with the service. “Maintaining continuity from a marketing standpoint was a key focus in defining this service, so we designed our virtual end product with that in mind.” said Ray Cruz, VP of Marketing at Star Incorporated. “We know there are many online tools and platforms being used today to help manage marketing communications and events, so our approach was to take the best tools that are already being used by today’s business and marketing professionals and integrate those elements seamlessly with our custom interactive 3D environments. It’s the integration of these tools with these dynamic environments—along with intelligent marketing analytics that provide valuable visitor activity data—which allow us to provide a solution that is not only unique, but also extremely beneficial to the customer.”

Star sees the virtual exhibit as a companion that complements a customer’s traditional exhibit program, but also sees the product extending into other marketing and business applications. “The virtual exhibit now becomes a sales and marketing tool that can be accessible throughout the year—not just for a three-day event.” said Larry Holtz Partner/Director at Star Incorporated. “You essentially have a “virtual twin” that—in many ways—will not only enhance your face-to-face trade show marketing efforts but also provide on-going communications between you and your audience throughout the year and beyond.”

In addition to events, Star is also evaluating the potential of applying its virtual environment services to other types of projects. “We see our virtual exhibit and environment services being utilized with many types of virtual events—but even beyond that—we also have plans to implement our immersive marketing-centric virtual environments into the commercial and retail sectors.” said Ray Cruz, VP of Marketing at Star Incorporated. “We’re very excited at what the future holds for Star and the virtual environment.”

To read more about Star’s virtual exhibit services, visit their virtual exhibits page. 

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Star is a leading provider of exhibit design, fabrication, logistics and marketing support services. The company manufactures its exhibits in Chicago, Illinois, and has sales, service, and design centers in Chicago, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Star services are provided worldwide to a variety of company sizes in every industrial profile. The company is focused on working with customers to create dynamic and memorable experiences through the exhibit environment or corporate event.

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