Star Project Cancellation Policy


Star understands that there are situations that might arise that might result in the need to cancel a project. Due to the custom nature of the product and services being provided with a project, there can be several cost components involved that need to be considered in the event of a cancellation. This policy was written to define our project cancellation policy, the obligation of the customer at time of cancellation, and the additional options available from Star.

Cancellation of Single Show Purchase or Single Show Rental Contracts

In the event of a project cancellation, the customer will be assessed two (2) types of cancellation charges:

1. Non-Refundable Incurred Expenses
These are project related expenses already incurred by Star at the time of cancellation, which cannot be recovered. Examples of these types of expenses include: 

  • non-refundable purchased materials
  • processed or altered materials
  • labor
  • executed project services (by Star and/or 3rd party service providers)
  • restocking fees
  • non-refundable deposits for pre-ordered services

2. Project Cancellation Fee
Star imposes a project cancellation fee equivalent up to 10% of the value of the project contract. The cancellation fee represents general project management, scheduling, detailing and coordination rendered for a project, the extent of which is based on how far along the project has progressed before cancellation.

Cancellation of Multi-show Rental Contracts

For multiple show rental contracts, the total value of the original project contract is calculated and distributed evenly across the number of shows identified in the original contract schedule. In the event of a cancellation of any shows that are part of that contract—the customer is responsible for the entire rental amount identified per show as outlined in the multi-show contract, regardless of whether they decide to attend a show or not, not including show services.

Cancellation Timelines

Star recommends that cancellations be provided more than sixty (60) days prior to the event due date, to minimize billable costs incurred at the time of cancellation.

Options in the Event of Cancellation

Star offers options that you can take advantage of if you’re in a cancellation situation, to still benefit your trade show or event program. Based on the circumstance, Star can work with you to redirect that portion of your rental investment to an alternate future show, draft a revised contract based on the remaining shows in the contract, or negotiate a project cancellation fee to terminate the rest of the contract based on the remaining outstanding items or rental fees.

OPTION 1 – Credit applied towards a future single show contract
As an alternate option, Star can apply that amount of money incurred as a credit towards a future show contract, based on commitment. In many cases the client can decide to complete the build out and pay for it and then simply store it for use next year or the next show.

OPTION 2 – Credit applied towards a multi-year contract
A multi-year rental program comes with flexibility so the client can exchange one show for another within a reasonable amount of time.


If you have any questions or concerns about this Cancellation Policy, please contact us at, or you can also write us at:

Star Incorporated
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Modified Date: March 16, 2020
Effective Date: March 16, 2020