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Enhance your marketing and expand the reach of your trade show program with a virtual exhibit from Star!

Combining the visual experience of a dimensional environment with the efficiency of an online digital platform, Star’s top-notch exhibit team can create a custom virtual exhibit for you tailored to your specific design and marketing criteria. Your virtual attendees can explore in 3D space and engage in valuable marketing content for a truly unique and memorable experience!

Maintain business & marketing continuity—for right now and for the future.

In the midst of COVID-19, maintaining business and marketing continuity in alternate and remote work situations has now become a timely priority.

If your show is postponed or cancelled because of COVID-19, a Star virtual exhibit gives you an alternate way to continue with your trade show event marketing efforts while also expanding your overall marketing reach. Perform many business, marketing, and sales functions in a virtual exhibit as you would in person.

Showcase all of your produced and live digital content in one environment.

A Star virtual exhibit is an effective way to showcase all your digital marketing content in one environment:

Content types include:

  • promotional videos
  • presentations
  • product/service sheets
  • 360˚ product demos
  • website content
  • social media
  • live stream media

Integrate with today’s key marketing and communications tools.

Gain additional benefits through integrations with key marketing and business communication platforms. Star can incorporate your existing marketing tools—or provide them to you. Either way, we have you covered!

Marketing integration functions include:

  • lead registration and email opt-in
  • marketing automation forms and campaigns
  • meeting scheduling
  • live meeting and webinars deployment
  • live chat/conversational marketing
  • e-learning


Spectrum Dynamics Medical Virtual Exhibit

Spectrum Dynamics Medical’s participation plans for SNMMI was altered when the show was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While they had a virtual exhibit page through the show’s association, they wanted something more engaging and immersive. They turned to Star to create for them a custom virtual exhibit to present their company, products and services, and shared on their exhibitor’s page from the show.

Main features of this project included:

  • product showcase areas
  • demonstration videos
  • presentation galleries and movies
  • guided tour opportunities for sales
  • integration with lead capture/opt-in


Koios Medical Virtual Exhibit Showroom

Koios Medical needed an effective, fast solution to market their company in the midst of COVID-19 event cancellations. Star worked with them roll out a phased custom virtual exhibit showroom that showcased their leading edge technology and services—incorporating testimonial videos, presentations, and even a custom video greeting from their CEO that was seamlessly integrated at the entry.

Main features of this project included:

  • custom chroma key integrated video greeting

  • technology showcase areas

  • testimonial videos

  • hardware partner showcase

  • integration with guided chat and live chat tools

Complement your virtual exhibit with interactive virtual 360˚ products.

Enhance your virtual exhibit or environment presentation with 360˚ duplicates of your products. Working with our Star virtual services team, we can take your 3D product file assets, or digitally capture and convert your physical products into a virtual twin.

Add dynamic hotspots that link to product information and related resources, and you have a truly valuable and efficient way to showcase your products online.

Key Virtual Exhibit Features

1. Customizable Design

A Star virtual exhibit gives you a custom exhibit design that is tailored to your specific event project needs—whether it’s asthetic, functional, or marketing based.

2. Online Format

A Star virtual exhibit is deployed online, so it can be easily shared through your online channels—including websites, social media, and email.

3. Digital Content and Marketing Integration

Your virtual exhibit can showcase all your content and integrate with existing marketing tools and platforms.

Digital content types include:

  • promotional videos
  • presentations
  • product/service data sheets
  • interactive 360˚ products
  • web pages
  • live media

Marketing integration functions include:

  • lead registration or email opt-in
  • marketing automation forms and campaigns
  • meeting scheduling
  • live meetings and webinars deployment
  • live chat/conversational marketing
  • e-learning
4. Visitor Activity Tracking/Analytics

A Star virtual exhibit provides valuable visitor information and click action activity data.

And with marketing automation integration, you can gain additional visitor analytics and incorporate their activity into your automation workflows and processes.

Key Virtual Exhibit Benefits

1. Unlimited Creative Options

The digital format of a virtual exhibit allows for a lot of flexibility when it comes to your content. You can create customized messages for each audience who might be viewing your content, or can update your exhibit as your content or tools change.

2. Address Schedule Changes & Missed Engagement

In situations where your trade show is cancelled or postponed, a virtual exhibit allows you a way to still maintain a connection to your target audience, and maintain business continuity with your trade show program.

Or your virtual exhibit can allow you to capture or recapture missed engagement opportunities with customers who missed you at the last trade show.

3. Gain Additional Customer Insight

With the content and tools integrations and visitor analytics that are available with a Star virtual exhibit, you can gain additional insight into the interests and preferences of your prospects and customers, leading to improved customer engagement and business opportunities.

4. Increased Marketing Opportunities and ROI

Your virtual exhibit can be coordinated with your trade show and events schedule—but beyond that—can effectively complement your website, social media and other marketing channels as an indepdent marketing communications tool.

With year-round marketing opportunities and additional channels to tap into, your virtual exhibit helps to increases your overall return on investment that was made with your original trade show exhibit marketing program.

Find the perfect format for your virtual projects.

Projects vary based on your specific needs, and your marketing, presentation and environment criteria, so we offer two virtual exhibit options:


This is a 360˚ rendered virtual exhibit, created by our talented virtual design and development team. For current customers, it can be a 3D rendered version of your existing exhibit!


If you have a fabricated exhibit, we’ll capture and create an immersive 360˚ digital duplicate, giving you all the added features and benefits of the virtual format!


Star virtual exhibits are priced based on the specific marketing and design requirements of every project. Elements that factor into the pricing include:

  • Design scope and complexity
  • Content and tools integration
  • Hosting requirements

For a limited time, Star will apply a credit—equivalent up to 50% of your virtual exhibit costs—towards an actual build if you choose to build the virtual exhibit design. Offer applies for up to 12 months from live date of virtual exhibit. Other conditions may apply.

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