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Our newest business continuity product is available! Augment your trade show and marketing activities with a virtual exhibit from Star.

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We offer a full suite of services for all your exhibit and event projects.

Star is equipped with the key services needed for your trade show exhibit, event, or environment project. From design and fabrication, to strategic to tactical services, we’re there for you.

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UV Lights and Other Virus Protection for Trade Shows

With threats like the coronavirus—now more than ever—we are all concerned about how to protect ourselves from harmful bacteria and viruses. Research has indicated that Ultra-violet (UV) and Blue-violet blue light can be an effective way to destroy germs. Hospitals...

Star Launches Virtual Exhibit, Events, and Environment Services

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Chicago, Illinois, May 12, 2020—Star Incorporated, an event and trade show solutions provider of exhibits, graphics, and event services with over fifty years of proven success in the industry, launched its new virtual exhibit, event, and...

Incorporating Virtual Exhibits into Your Event Program: A Q&A with Larry Holtz

We sat with Larry Holtz, Partner at Star—to talk about the latest virtual trends spurred on by COVID-19, and how virtual exhibits applies to the exhibit and events industry. Q: What is a virtual exhibit? A virtual exhibit is a type of interactive, and immersive 3D...

Experiential Exhibit Marketing for Today’s Audience

According to Jim Gilmore, author of “The Experience Economy” he states: “When it comes to exhibitors, in general, the better booths confine themselves to a singular focus, a tightly constructed theme that actively engages guests in activities” 1. Create immersive...

Create a partnership with Star, and achieve your project goals.

Reduce Your Stress

With Star’s extensive suite of exhibit services, you get a more efficient and hassle free experience of your trade show or event project.

Stretch Your Budget

Star’s flexible financing allows you to get maximum return on your event budget, with payment options across multiple events.

Convey Your Brand

A custom exhibit designed and built by Star is a powerful and engaging way to communicate your brand message to your customers.

A portfolio that represents over fifty years of valuable experience.

From multi-story custom structures, to lightweight modular systems and venue-wide conferences and events, Star’s impressive body of work represents over fifty years of expertise in the industry.

We value our customer relationships.

“Thank you for the great job at OTC! We really appreciated your hard work!”

“Star goes above and beyond every year…making our booth look incredible!”

“What a joy it was to work with Star! Thank you for the seamless experience!”

Best-in-class services delivered by a team you can trust.

Star’s team of experienced professionals are focused on one ultimate goal: your success. And our team is with you at every stage of your project—before, during, and after your event or trade show.


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