In recent years, the inclusion of audiovisual components into a trade show booth has become virtually an absolute necessity. Without it, product marketing and the element of drawing attendees into the booth suffers. When prospective clients are able see a product and hear the offerings and marketing information, they are quickly made aware of an abundant amount of information that cannot be equaled by speaking to a representative or reading a brochure. A video can contain information regarding your company, product engineering and options, success stories, contact information, and why the product is superior to the competition.

This experience has lately been enhanced to allow interaction for an even more attractive product marketing program. Integrating a touch interface into an exhibit has a large impact on attendees, so companies are beginning to spend more time and effort adapting to technological changes since it means the attendee will become more active with the product. It is even possible to connect to your website with a simple touch when the display is connected via internet.

As with all technology, there are many advances and product offerings year after year in the field of Audio/Video (A/V). Larger, clearer display screens, increasingly superior digital audio and intricately manufactured product videos combine to offer the attendees a greater and more exciting marketing experience. This is why it is important to re-evaluate your A/V strategy every trade show season.

In short, in order to maximize a trade show investment, a high quality audiovisual component must be included. The system should include high definition monitors as large as feasible for the area it is located, high definition audio speakers or speaker bars, high quality video presentation, and a high quality video player or laptop computer. Or you can eliminate the need for a video player or laptop with a “smart” monitor which will play the presentation from a USB drive inserted directly into the monitor.