Chicago, Illinois, January 4, 2021—Star Incorporated, an exhibit company with over fifty years of proven success in the trade show and events industry—launched a line of customizable modular, personal spaces as a continuation of its business continuity initiative to enhance work and productivity in today’s evolving work environments. “Where and how we work is evolving. The traditional office environment has seen a shift to open office concept floorplans, shared work and multi-purpose environments.” said Ray Cruz, V.P. of Marketing at Star Incorporated. “And people are finding more and more the need to work in other environments—from the home office, to coffee shops, airports or business lobbies. Star Pod is geared to help get work done in those evolving work scenarios.”

The new product line—simply called Star Pod—consists of a family of customizable modular free-standing work and meeting spaces that accommodate anywhere from one to four people and can be installed in a variety of environments. Standard features include built-in work surfaces, power and data connectivity ports, seating and privacy options, and additional accessories such as displays and online-conferencing tools.

Star Pod’s main selling feature is its high level of customization. Star Pod can be modified in footprint, color, materials, and graphic embellishments for starters. It’s something that Star hopes will appeal to buyers and distinguish itself from similar offerings in the market. “We believe our customers find value in having choices.” said Larry Holtz, Partner/Director at Star Incorporated. “While we will be offering a base level of Star Pod configurations with a standard set of features and prices—we also wanted to give our customer the ability to further customize their Star Pod from a functional, as well as visual and aesthetic perspective.”

Star sees a customizable Star Pod as a logical fit because of its existing approach with their custom exhibits. “We’ve been designing and creating custom environments for our customers for over fifty years. Star Pod utilizes that same custom methodology, scales it down and applies it to a more personal space.” said Larry Holtz Partner/Director at Star Incorporated.

“We believe it’s the best approach for us when it comes to this product category, and we think our customers will agree.” To help promote the launch of Star Pod, Star will be offering short term & long-term promotions throughout the year.

Product quality and customer support is also an important element to Star Pod. As part of the launch, Star will be offering flexible finance options, and premium service packages for installation and ongoing support. “Maintaining a level of quality and customer satisfaction at every stage of the process was a critical component when we developed this product.” said Ray Cruz, VP of Marketing at Star Incorporated. “As with our custom exhibits, the customer will take an active role in the creation of their Star Pod—from design iterations, material sampling and build previews—to final implementation and installation.”

Star is also evaluating other scenarios in which its Star Pod can be utilized. “We see our Star Pod as a great fit for the commercial and business sector, but it doesn’t stop there.” said Ray Cruz, V.P. of Marketing at Star Incorporated. “I think we’ve just scratched the surface of where you’ll be seeing a Star Pod.”

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