DriveCentric | NADA 2024


DriveCentric is a leading provider of automotive software solutions, giving dealerships valuable insights for better decision-making and in the moment coaching.

At NADA 2024, the leading auto industry marketplace with over 500 exhibitors, Star created a dynamic design sign for DriveCentric to showcase their latest software to its key partners.

  • To showcase DriveCentric’s latest software solutions to its key partners in a dynamic and engaging manner.
  • To stand out in a competitive environment with over 500 exhibitors.
  • Creating a multi-functional design that effectively showcases the software’s capabilities and benefits.
  • Ensuring the design attracts and retains the attention of key partners and attendees in a crowded marketplace.
  • Star developed a dynamic multi-functional design for DriveCentric’s exhibit.
  • The design focused on interactive elements to demonstrate the software’s features and benefits in real-time.
  • Utilized cutting-edge technology and design principles to create an engaging and informative experience for attendees.
  • The exhibit successfully attracted a significant number of attendees, generating interest and engagement among key partners.
  • DriveCentric received positive feedback on the effectiveness of the design in showcasing their software solutions.
  • The exhibit contributed to strengthening DriveCentric’s position in the automotive software industry and facilitated valuable connections with potential clients.


The collaboration between DriveCentric and Star for NADA 2024 exemplifies the power of innovative design and strategic presentation in a competitive marketplace. DriveCentric’s commitment to showcasing their software solutions through a dynamic and multi-functional design not only highlighted their industry leadership but also paved the way for future opportunities and growth.