Dynamic Exhibits. Engaging Events. Immersive Environments.

Trade Shows

Create the ultimate exhibit at your next trade show, expo or convention.


Design the ideal conference—registration, sessions, sponsors & more.


Enhance your corporate, commercial, and event environments with Star.

Experience that shows through our work.

For more than fifty years, Star has been a leading designer and producer of exhibits, event architecture, and environments.

Our core competencies provide our customers with a complete selection of event services

NEW! Virtual Exhibits from Star!

Explore this newest product offering from Star to augment your trade show program and maintain marketing and business continuity during this time.


Star offers exhibit solutions that range from custom designs, to cost effective portable or modular alternatives. And you can select from finance options that include rent, lease, or purchase.

Event Management

Star event management delivers at every stage of your event—from pre-event planning to on-site support and post-event follow up.

Marketing & Creative

Star agency gives you a selection of marketing and creative tools that include creative event marketing, graphic design, experiential activations and more.

Spotlight: Engagement Marketing

Our Star Marketing and Events team can incorporate user engagement and interactivity with your next event, whether it’s through experiential marketing activities, activations, or immersive environments.

Promotional Items

Conveniently paired with our exhibit services, Star offers creative ideas for promotional items and apparel to reinforce your brand at your next trade show or event.

Rental & Lease Programs

To help maximize on your budget, Star also offers cost effective and flexible rental and lease options for all of our exhibit solutions.

Project Management

Using the latest customer and project management platform and tools, Star provides clients with a direct access to key information about their account and projects.


Dynamic graphics can play a key role with the visual branding for your event. With our in-house graphics team integrating a variety of custom graphics techniques and technologies, the possibilities for your event graphics are endless.

Our approach helps ensure a successful project.

At Star, we follow a proven methodology with every project and every service deliverable that we provide to our customers. It’s a fine-tuned and highly-effective approach that helps us achieve our mission and vision—and, of course, ensures that we successfully surpass client expectations.


This is where our process begins. We conduct an in-depth review with you to understand all your event needs and goals—including strategic marketing goals, functional and aesthetic design requirements, and an overall budget.


After confirming your event goals, objectives, and criteria, we develop and design a concept that meets or exceeds those objectives. We collaborate and engage with you on the design and event solution, to ensure that the exhibit is successful.


Once we’ve developed an event design that achieves your marketing and design objectives, we start to execute and deliver on the vision. Our collaborative engagement with you continues at every step of this process—from production to the actual on-site implementation.


After your event, we follow up with you to ensure that all your objectives were achieved to your satisfaction. Obtaining this valuable feedback from you is crucial for continued success with future projects.

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