Traveling, especially for work, can be grueling physically and mentally. Getting to and from your destination is hard enough and then when you land, you are often confronted with a hectic schedule.

Before you begin your journey, consider getting the TSA pre-check. This will make your wait time shorter and allow you keep on your belt, shoes, and jackets. You also have the added convenience of keeping your liquids (which still must comply with 3-1-1) and laptops in your bag, which is sure to ease some of the mental stress of traveling. This process may take a couple months, so allow sufficient time before travel to obtain the document. Find more information at

Airports are known for their overpriced fast food option. Many of these choices contain high amount of carbs, sugar, and sodium. That combination is not only bad for the waistline, but will lead to a blood sugar crash, making jet lag worse. Consider eating a large meal before you leave for the airport and packing snacks with you or buying trail mix or dried fruit at the airport as healthier alternative.

Along with eating well while traveling is staying hydrated, which is probably one of the most important things you can do while traveling. Consider buying a bottle of water after you go through security or bringing a reusable one in your carry-on. You can even buy a reusable water bottle with its own filtration system so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the drinking fountain water. Hydration helps with jet lag and avoiding blood clots in the legs and pelvis. The low humidity in the cabin increases the likelihood of dehydration, so keep in mind that your body will require more liquids than normal. Caffeine and alcohol can aid in dehydration and should be avoided if possible or consumed in limited quantities.

Now that you are prepared to get to and from your destination with ease (there’s nothing we can do about those delays that’s just part of the traveling adventure) there are things you can do when you reach your destination to help you stay healthy.

Most hotels have a fitness center that is available for guest use; however these vary greatly in the amount and condition of the equipment they contain. You may also decide that a membership to a national gym chain may be the best option for you. This can work particularly well if you only travel to a handful of different cities and know that one is near where you typically stay. However if you are in a new city, or one of your favorites, you may not want to spend the little free time you have in a gym. If this is the case consider walking as much as possible, or renting a bike to explore more of the city.

Happy hour with clients is a part of most business travel itineraries; however alcohol contains a high amount of empty calories. Low calorie cocktail options are becoming very popular and you have many more options these days. However if you wish to not consume any alcohol, consider ordering seltzer water with lime, to have a cocktail feel without all the calories. Find more recipes here

Combat sickness while on the road by washing your hands often and using hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer should be used in conjunction with hand washing since it only targets bacteria and does nothing for viruses.

Traveling can be as exhausting as it is thrilling, and can take its toll on the body. We hope that by utilizing some of these tips your next trip will keep you healthy and happy.

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