• Star Client PROMMUS Wins “Best of Show” Award

    By Michael L. Quintos Marketing Communications Specialist, Star Incorporated It’s always incredibly satisfying when a specific brand look can be translated beautifully into a visually-appealing, three-dimensional exhibit—something the creative and talented artisans at Star Incorporated have been experts in for over 50 years. That is exactly what we provided for our new client PROMMUS, the […]

  • Design Fundamentals

    By Larry Holtz Director/Partner, Star Incorporated It’s certainly true that many things have changed in the trade show industry over the past 75 years. Having had over 40 years in this business myself, I have seen first-hand this remarkable evolution. Venues have gotten larger and the number of shows in every conceivable industry imaginable have […]

  • What I’ve Learned

    By Larry Holtz Director/Partner, Star Incorporated Hello! My name is Larry Holtz and I’m the Director/Partner of Star Incorporated, an industry leader in exhibits, trade shows, and events solutions. Over the past 40 years in this business of designing and building trade show exhibits, I have learned first-hand that the most significant importance of this […]

  • Drayage

    One of the most expensive aspects of exhibiting is material handling or drayage. Drayage is billed to exhibitors by the hundredweight (CWT) of freight for the round-trip services provided by the general service contractor (GSC). To compute drayage costs, the weight of your shipment is always rounded up to the next hundred, so 301 pounds […]