Star Client PROMMUS Wins “Best of Show” Award

at KeHE 2018 Holiday Show

By Michael L. Quintos
Marketing Communications Specialist,
Star Incorporated

It’s always incredibly satisfying when a specific brand look can be translated beautifully into a visually-appealing, three-dimensional exhibit—something the creative and talented artisans at Star Incorporated have been experts in for over 50 years.

That is exactly what we provided for our new client PROMMUS, the innovative new food brand that tasked Star to create a sophisticated, brand-immersive exhibit booth for KeHE’s 2018 Annual Holiday Show, which took place June13-14, 2018 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.

The PROMMUS exhibit not only had to showcase the company’s product line well in a sensible, inviting way, but must also stand out amongst the crowd at this packed convention, where more than 4,500 industry leaders and over 700 exhibitors in the retail food industry can check out various products for the upcoming winter season.

Combining the best of both worlds, PROMMUS’ booth—which featured an intricately layered, custom-lit backdrop—provided attendees with some of the most delicious, all-natural hummus while being welcomed into a great-looking Star-designed booth that highlights their unique brand. Their tasty offerings and their spectacular booth definitely made PROMMUS a must-see, must-try, and must-visit stop inside McCormick Place.

For their efforts, PROMMUS deservedly won “Best of Show,” a great honor for a brand new label to win at this well-known industry gathering. Star is proud to have partnered with PROMMUS for this lauded showcase.

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Michael Quintos

Michael spent the past two decades as a senior-level designer and art director with an emphasis on high-end branding, packaging, and targeted advertising. For Star, his responsibilities include graphic design, social media communications, client agency services, copywriting, web design/development and administration, and PR.