Graphics Services & Capabilities

A suite of capabilities to produce your next custom graphic.

  • High Speed Dye Sublimation Printing

    At Star, we believe it is essential to always remain at the forefront of advanced technologies in our industry, so that our customers are always assured that our high-quality work for them is designed and manufactured with the latest and most innovative equipment available.

    Star recently upgraded its digital wide format printing portfolio with the investment in the revolutionary Panthera S4-3.2m dye sublimation printer, a state-of-the-art machine that offers blazingly fast print speeds and a plethora of versatile print options. The choice to go with the Panthera printer for Star is based on not only its ability to achieve excellent, high-quality prints but also because of its ability to produce more vibrant color output on a wide variety of materials, including fabrics—opening up more design and creative possibilities for our clients’ projects.

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  • CNC Router

    Star offers graphic production using CNC router, enabling us to cut a multitude of shapes on a variety of materials and thicknesses. The types of custom shapes that can be created are virtually limitless, and can apply to almost any project. Create custom lettering, logos, images, and other silhouettes using materials including aluminum, PVC, vinyl, wood, and foamcore.

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  • Graphic Design Services

    If you need to produce a graphic but don’t have your own design resources, you can utilize Star’s full suite of design services to help you develop the perfect graphic. Working with our design consultant, you can use any of our agency services, which include:

    • Art Direction
    • Copy Writing
    • Graphic Design
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions

    Star strives to provide the most eco-friendly services available. This includes printing with environmentally friendly inks, materials and substrates, recycling waste, and producing products that can be re-used or recycled at the end of its life-cycle.

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  • Grand Format Printing

    Grand format printing is available through Star! Using the latest HP printing equipment, Star can print on materials such as vinyl or fabric, up to 10 feet wide and 150 feet long! Use Star’s grand format printing to create huge building graphics, billboards and other mega wide format graphics.

  • Lamination & Mounting

    Star offers lamination and mounting services to help preserve and protect your graphic, and give it that final finishing touch. Our graphic technicians are renowned for their attention to details throughout the entire graphic production process, and lamination and mounting is no exception. Star offers these services in-house, allowing us to minimize turnaround time.

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  • Large Format Printing

    Star has been producing large format graphics for a number of markets and industries. Large format printing refers to images up to 72′ inches wide. Star can print on a variety of materials, including:

    • Adhesive-back vinyl
    • Photogloss paper
    • Fabric (including sheer, mesh, tri-poplin, and soft knit)
    • Vinyl scrim
    • Backlit film
    • Window graphics
    • Floor guard
    • Poly film

    Star’s expertise in large format printing extends to trade shows, showrooms, and museums as some examples, but can really be used for a number of different projects!

  • Metal Fabrication

    Graphic signage or lettering using metal materials provides a high-impact impression that will last for a long time. Let design consults help you brainstorm on the best way to utilize the various metal materials to create a truly unique graphic.

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  • Substrates

    Star works with a variety of substrates and materials. This includes:

    • Fome-Cor®
    • Gatorboard
    • Sintra®
    • Matte Lamination
    • Gloss Lamination
    • Floor Graphics Lamination
    • Lexan®
    • DiBond®
    • Plexi
    • Styrene
    • MDF/MDO

    In addition, we can also print on:

    • Adhesive-back vinyl
    • Photogloss paper
    • Fabric (including sheer, mesh, tri-poplin, and soft knit)
    • Vinyl scrim
    • Backlit film
    • Window graphics
    • Floor guard
    • Poly film