Trade show exhibits help transform your ideas into a visually-impactful marketing tool, simply because there’s nothing better than in-person, face-to-face networking opportunities for piquing people’s interest and, potentially, generating sales leads. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t reach their full potential because they underutilize the many marketing tools and strategies that the modern world offers—such as digital marketing.

In the simplest of terms, digital marketing is the study, management, and promotion of a brand’s products and services with the use of digital mediums such as social media, email campaigns, digital apps, and online presence (websites and search engine results). There are various ways to implement digital marketing, but it is important to utilize each medium to its fullest capabilities. Today, everything and everyone is online. Why shouldn’t brand promotion and marketing be online as well? This way media can be shared much faster and more efficiently to consumers and viewers all over. The modern world is digital and so should your company. (To learn more, visit this article about the winning formulas for digital marketing.)

Incorporating digital marketing into your trade show strategy—interacting with your current and potential customers on a digital level—is an effective way to give your brand an up-to-date look and maximum exposure!

Phase 1 | Before Event

  • Social Media – Let people know you’re going to a future trade show early on and then often. If available, follow the social media account(s) of the trade shows you’re presenting at and engage with them by keeping up with and sharing the details of the show to theirs and your own audience—thereby building your social media presence. You want their followers to be aware of your attendance while also promoting what you’ll be showcasing to your own followers—and why they should all come visit your booth.
  • Email Marketing – Send out an email campaign letting your customers know about the upcoming show, what you’ll be offering, and to promote any events that will feature your company.

Phase 2 | During Event

  • Social Media Presence – Stay active on your social accounts, sharing your participation and experiences at the show. Engage directly with your followers and customers by replying and reposting their posts while using relevant hashtags for more attendees to see. Encourage them to come visit your booth whether it’s through games and prizes, exclusive merchandise, or giveaways. Posting on your social media accounts will also show your followers who are not present at the show why they should attend next time.
  • Engaging Exhibit Design – Work with an exhibit design company—like Star—that can help make your trade show booth come to life. A trade show exhibit that is immersive and engaging with its attendees is the most effective way to pique interest and generate potential leads.

Phase 3 | After Event

  • Follow-Up Emails – Don’t let all your hard work and the time you spent marketing go to waste. If face-to-face networking was successful and any connections were made during the trade show, send an email within 24 hours to anyone who may have seemed interested in your products and services and do the following:
    • Remind them who you are.
    • Thank them for visiting your exhibit/booth.
    • Close with a quick Call-to-Action, leading them to your website.

Ready to take the next step? In need of a new exhibit? Star can certainly help you make a lasting impression at your next trade show. View our Capabilities page to see our products and services or just fill out a Proposal Request here.


Kane has been with Star for over 10 years. He is a designer with emphasis in marketing and process technology. His responsibilities include graphic design, web design and development, social media management, and Star process technology administration. You can reach him at

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