Twitter, Facebook and other social media can be used to drive traffic to both your online pages and your tradeshow booth. If you’re shooting videos either pre-show or during the show, you can use Twitter to drive traffic to the YouTube or Flickr postings or to the blog posts where you’ve embedded the video. Then with those blog posts, you can elaborate on what people can find at your booth.

Social Marketing For Manufacturers: Understanding The Social Media Landscape
Did you ever wonder what the difference was between all the Social Media tools and how they work together? Trying to put your mind around and understand how to best use these tools can be very intimidating and frustrating. Well, try not to get too frustrated… just eat the elephant one slice at a time.

Developing and implementing a Social Marketing Strategy isn’t a one time endeavor. It’s an ongoing, every evolving strategic process based on changing technology & social trends.

Hundreds if not thousands of new social media tools are being developed every month. Most of these tools wouldn’t apply to your strategy, however, you do need to keep abreast of the new technologies and social trends to stay ahead of the curve.

To give you a 30,000 foot view of the Social Media landscape, I have gathered a few good process maps that have been put together by some very insightful people.

Keep in mind, not every tool applies to you and there will be new technology for your to explore tomorrow. Here’s a few maps to shed some light on the social media landscape:

Social Media Map

Search Marketing Map

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