As Leonardo da Vinci once stated; “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” It’s amazing how timeless these communication principles really are:

As you shape your marketing message, consider what Mr. da Vinci was trying to teach us:

Be Clear

  • Shape your message appropriately.
  • Speak in terms that they can understand & relate to, yet challenge their thinking.
  • Don’t talk over their heads… clarify the complex.

Be Simple

  • Less is usually more… let brevity and minimalism enhance the strength of your message.
  • In other words, stop trying to fill in every little piece of white space.
  • Treat the white space as if it were rest notes in music… the notes and rests are equally important in creating passion in the over all composition.

Be True

  • Be a straight shooter.
  • Your message should be of value not of fluff, deceit or manipulation.
  • People are craving truth and honesty in an over communicated world.
  • Give it to them straight and start building honest relationships… then they will want to work with you.
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