Maybe you are getting ready to hold a meeting for the first time or maybe you’ve been hosting the same meeting for years and it’s time for a switch up; either way there are many factors that go into choosing the best location for your event.

    • What kind of space does your group need? You need to not only consider if there is a place that will have an adequate amount of space for everything you need to do for your meeting, but are there enough hotel rooms near that location to accommodate your attendees.
    • Consider things like room rates, airline costs, transportation around the city, union wages and rules when picking a city to host your meeting. These factors will not only affect the bottom line of your budget but many will be a consideration for your attendees as well.
    • Not only do you want travel to be inexpensive but it also needs to be convenient. Where is your target audience coming from? Are they spread out nationally or internationally? What are the chances of your targeted audience being able to get a direct flight to the city? Once they get there is there ample public transportation, taxis, or for-hire companies? They not only need to get to and from the airport but they needs to easily go between their hotel and the event space.
    • After you’ve looked at all these other factors it’s important to remember that attendees are more likely to push to attend a conference they view as being held in a vacation destination. Millennial business travelers more than any other generation incorporate vacation time into their business trips. Think about what your targeted audience likes…outdoor adventures, gourmet food, historical sites and try to pick a destination that will offer those choices.

When you take all that into consideration, does your current location make sense? If attendance is low perhaps a new location will reinvigorate some life into your event. Always be reevaluating your strategy and most importantly have a fabulous event!