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  • Panthera S4-3.2m Dye Sublimation Printer

    Star Enhances Capabilities with High-Speed Panthera S4-3.2m Dye Sublimation Printer Chicago, IL—Star Incorporated,an eventand trade showsolutions provider of exhibits, graphics, and event services with over 50 years of proven success in the industry, recently upgraded its digital wide format printing portfolio with the investment in therevolutionary Panthera S4-3.2m dye sublimation printer. Besidesthe printer’sblazingly fast print […]

  • Star Client PROMMUS Wins “Best of Show” Award

    By Michael L. Quintos Marketing Communications Specialist, Star Incorporated It’s always incredibly satisfying when a specific brand look can be translated beautifully into a visually-appealing, three-dimensional exhibit—something the creative and talented artisans at Star Incorporated have been experts in for over 50 years. That is exactly what we provided for our new client PROMMUS, the […]

  • Design Fundamentals

    By Larry Holtz Director/Partner, Star Incorporated It’s certainly true that many things have changed in the trade show industry over the past 75 years. Having had over 40 years in this business myself, I have seen first-hand this remarkable evolution. Venues have gotten larger and the number of shows in every conceivable industry imaginable have […]

  • What I’ve Learned

    By Larry Holtz Director/Partner, Star Incorporated Hello! My name is Larry Holtz and I’m the Director/Partner of Star Incorporated, an industry leader in exhibits, trade shows, and events solutions. Over the past 40 years in this business of designing and building trade show exhibits, I have learned first-hand that the most significant importance of this […]

  • Drayage

    One of the most expensive aspects of exhibiting is material handling or drayage. Drayage is billed to exhibitors by the hundredweight (CWT) of freight for the round-trip services provided by the general service contractor (GSC). To compute drayage costs, the weight of your shipment is always rounded up to the next hundred, so 301 pounds […]

  • Mid-Century Modern Design and Today’s Exhibit

      From about the 1930’s to the 1960’s, design was specific to architecture, furniture, and graphics. This era of design was called mid-century design, giving prominence to designs and designers that came about the middle of the 20th century. The mid-century modern movement was part of the later period of the Modernism era which took […]

  • Event Planning 101: Where do you find a speaker?

      LinkedIn and Other Networks With LinkedIn being the largest business networking site around, you will find no shortage of eligible candidates to speak at your next event. Speakers who are well versed in the trade will even have clips of pervious speeches so you can view the quality of their work. Consider starting a […]

  • Form Follows Function

    “Form (ever) follows function” is a principle that was coined by the American architect Louis Sullivan. The phrase has been associated with modern architecture and industrial design in the 20th century. The idea of the principle is that the shape or structure of an object is primarily based upon the objects function or purpose. The way […]

  • Sponsors to help finance your exhibit space

    Exhibiting at a trade show can be a significant marketing investment, and take a large part of your marketing budget. How can you participate at a key trade show, without breaking your budget? With a little strategic trade show marketing, you can have your exhibit cake and eat it too. Develop a booth sponsor program […]